Best Drone 2016

Over 45,000 drones were registered in the USA this year. And as technology accelerates more and more individuals will be flying drones either for business or pleasure.

The year 2016 will be about drones, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). And as consumers and manufacturers increase the demand and supply for drones there will be a lot of variations out there. This could in turn enable consumers to do more research as to what is the best drone for 2016.

Well, we did some research for you.

We think the best drone will combine different technology such as WiFi and VR and other smartphone tech. And the drone that will be out there is no other than FLYBi!

FLYBi comes with the usual remote control device plus a VR goggle! A camera mounted on the drone adjusts its viewing angle based on the movements of you head with the goggles on. It’s a very cool drone especially if you like exploring a new place. Goes well when you want to go camping, hiking, bush walking, touring a new place or just want to be adventurous. And if you have a business then there are many use cases for this as well be it in real estate, construction, rescue, etc. Not convinced? Check out FLYBi’s Youtube video.

The business behind FLYBi is planning to enhance its existing drone model and have launched a fund raising campaign to make this happen. Be sure to check out their kickstarter page.

To see if you are competent to fly dromes like these take the Drone IQ quiz.

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