Best Friends Forever

It’s sad to find out that when you search for best friends in Google you get a business website about pets and not humans. And come to think about it, when someone mentions the phrase a man’s best friend it is usually associated with a dog. Why not a pumpkin like we did in our best friend quiz?

But being best friends forever requires hard work, patience, understanding and most of all love. These are the qualities, that when one posses, can establish friendships that can last a lifetime, or, forever. And these qualities can be acquired as long as one is determined to have personal growth. This means being able to know yourself and love yourself.

So what does a website that is busy on producing test and quizzes have to do with relationships? Like, how to be best friend forever? We have some quizzes that are based on psychology like the Narcissistic Quiz. Some quizzes are based on common sense such as the Crush Test and the Best Friend Test. And other quizzes in the future will be a combination of the above. Finding out about our relationship and the state of it seems to be a very popular online activity. And why not? Statistics show that we spend a lot of time on our phones, tablets, computers, internet and TV. But deep inside we are still social beings and find time to check our relationships.

The Best Friends Quiz in Google Play, for example, is one of the most popular quiz about friendship. And there are an overwhelming number of positive feedbacks.

Obviously, some quizzes are made for fun but all of them are definitely for just your entertainment. Do not let the results of the quizzes affect you at all. But rather see if you can use it as a spring board to find the truth.

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