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The new year 2016 will usher in some exciting new technologies. And what better to greet the new year than to predict what will be the best smartphone for 2016.

Our verdict: Google’s Project Ara. It’s a lego like phone where you can swipe components. The possibilities are endless. Imagine if your Ara smartphone has a 12 megapixel camera and then along comes a 20 megapixel tehcnology for smartphone. No problem. Why buy a new phone when you can buy just the camera component, take out the old one and snap in the new one.

Or let’s say a longer lasting battery comes to the market. Easy peasy. Buy, swipe and use your powered smartphone.

What IBM did to the PC, Google is doing it for the smartphone. With PCs, you can change components in order to upgrade your hardware to give you the latest and the greatest. And soon, you will be able to do this with your smartphone.

In order for this to become popular Google needs to offer the phone at affordable prices. And because each Ara phone can have different components, it’s probable that there will be different Ara models with different price points. You can just buy the cheapest one and then upgrade gradually as you need it.

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