Personality Quiz

De claris mulieribus

Personality quizzes online are proving to be quite popular. According to Google Trends, it’s now as popular as music quizzes and movie quizzes. And why not?

Prior to the internet, the only source where you take these personality quizzes is through a Psychologist or by buying textbooks on Psychology. You would be lucky if it has a short quiz.

Now that the internet is ubiquitous in western countries, it is easy to just search for these quizzes. Google gives you a plethora of websites that offer quizzes. And then you come up with websites such as this.

Most of the personality quizzes here are based, adapted or inspired by existing studies and experiments on personality. Although the content of these quizzes are based on real life, the grading is somewhat relegated to the entertainment aspect of the website – meaning, the grading is not scientifically sound. But rather, the grading would hopefully inspire you to pursue the truth about your personality. And this means going to other sources that can be of value.

Having said this, there are some quizzes here where the results can be spot on. And we shall leave it up to you which ones they are.

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