Twitter Tip: Whom To Follow

If you are quite new to Twitter and are looking for followers you obviously want them to follow you back. You also don’t want to waste your time following someone who doesn’t reciprocate and later you would unfollow them. This is because Twitter only allows a certain number of followers that don’t follow you back. Once you have exceeded that limit you cannot follow anyone. The problem is you cannot predict with 100% accuracy who would follow you back. You can, however, increase the probability of them following you back. Here’s how:

1. Define your purpose in Twitter. Are you selling a product? A service? Or do you just want to communicate your thoughts to a certain audience?

2. Define your target audience. Once you have established your purpose, you can then define your target audience. If you provide your services as a song writer then you probably want to follow people from the music industry who would follow you back.

3. Follow ordinary accounts to get more followers. Do your homework. Most accounts that are verified are the top people in their respective industries. And most of them have a huge following but they follow only a few. So unless you gave something very important to them it us best to follow regular accounts.

4. Find something to offer. This is self explanatory. Having something to offer provides value to your Twitter account. And this means more people – and businesses – will probably follow you.

Be sure to read Twitter’s terms and conditions and work around them. If you are a tech company, for example, it’s best to tweet Tech tips and just mention what your company does on your profile.

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