Crush Test Quiz

Is it a mutual crush? Or is it jyst one sided? Press the Next button to start the quiz!

You both smile at each other.

There are stars in your eyes when you see each other.

Sometimes when both of you talk you tend to touch each other.

You are friends in social media sites such as facebook.
You share common interests.

You like the same TV shows.

You like the same movies.

You feel like your 'bursting' if the two of you do not talk.

You know each other's name.

You asked for or know each other's birthday.

You know where each other lives.

You have common friends or acquaintances.

You like the same food.

Both of you steal glances at each other.

Either one of you stutter at each other sometimes.

Either one of you overlaps your conversation.

Either one if you finishes each other's sentence.

Both of you can look each other in the eye.

Both of you have either each other's email address or phone number.

Both of you know who your friends are.

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